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tv   [untitled]    December 24, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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transbay district. today's hearing beginning the process for the third and final legislative action required for the formation of this district. as you recall, the transbay and new projects, new develop. projects that come forward within that district will be required as part of their conditions of entitlement to join the district and this would be a special tax on new development. so the actions that you have previously heard include resolving to form the district and calling for a special election. that was at your september 23rd hearing. today's resolutions before you are resolution authorizing the issuance of special tax bonds and an ordinance ordering the
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levy of special taxes. these would go before the full board in january after the election of the property owner which is set to take place later this month and then these actions would be considered by the full board in january for final adoption. so that's my presentation and i and others are here for questions. >> so i see no questions. let's open this up for public comment. is there anyone from the public that would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. can we have a motion to move this forward with a positive recommendation, can we do this without objection, colleagues? thank you. thank you, miss wong >> item 21, resolution authorizing the office of economic work force development to septd accept a grant in the amount of $980,000 from the owe owe valley for the h1b ready to
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work projects during the period of november 1, 2014 through october 31, 2018. >> we've been asked to pull -- after this item. now we have a presentation from evaline espila, i may believe. seeing she may not be here yet, can we go to item no. 3, miss wong >> item no. 3, resolution approving emergency public works on the sfpuc to perform immediate work to repair lower cherry aqua docket, the north valley water treatment plant and antonio pump station and related infrastructure with contract amount not to exceed $335 million collectively. >> and we have mr. richie again the. >> steve richie, assistant general manager for water. i
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appreciate the rescheduling of the item because i had to drive back from yosemite. despite the rain last week and what's expected tomorrow, we are still continuing to experience one of the worst droughts in our history and our system is no exception to that. the last three years on the tuolome river have been the driest years since 1776. that is a tree ring record. we have a declaration to account for expanding project needs and increase of cost estimates due to unforeseen delays. due to the unique
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challenges of this drought, exacerbated by the damages created by the rim fire, it should be thought about as a long-term sustainability issue because droughts are long-term things, they are not instantaneous as we have to do in several other acute emergencies. the total kauflt of all emergency work is estimated to be an amount not to exceed $35 million dollars. we tested the watt or divergence structure into the cherry aquaduct, removing water and putting it back. they are important for us to complete for our drought supply. two resolutions referenced in the resolution have been previously approved by the board. the current resolution is before the board because because in previous cases the work was interpreted to be
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approval of specific contracts when under section 6.60 of the administrative code we are seeking your approval for the body of the administrative work and not individual contracts, more the totality of the work so we look forward to your recommendation to the full board. >> thank you, mr. richie. now let's go to the budget analyst for the report. >> yes, mr. chairman, supervisor avalos, on page 14 of our report the budget to the repairs to the lower cherry aquaduct increased to the revised budget of 22 million and that's shown in table 1 on page 14 of our report. on the bottom of page 14, we note the budget for the seno valley emergency improvements increased by $879,106 or approximately 10 percent to the revised budget of 9.4 million and that's shown in table 2 on
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page 50 of our report. the revised budget of 9,302,106 is less than the 13 million stated in the proposed resolution. on page 15 of our report we state that as shown in table 3 on page 16 the total budget for both emergency projects is $31,392,106 with a contingency of $1,607,000 resulting in a budget of $30 million. according to staff a total contingency of $106,000 is sufficient. we recommend you amend the proposed resolution to revise the preamble to public works states not to exceed $30 million instead of
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35 million and the public works amounts are not to exceed 33 million and to correctly state the repairs to the valley water facilities are to total $9,106,000 and not 13 million. given that the board of supervisors previously approved the emergency contracts we recommend that you delete the clause, quote, further resolve that within 30 days of related contracts being fully executed by all parties the public utilities commission shall provide final contracts to the board of supervisors for inclusion in the official file and we recommend you approve the resolution as amended. >> thank you so much, mr. rose. any questions? let me ask mr. richie, what's your response to the recommendations of the budget analyst? >> we are in agreement with the wording change on the dollar amount, we don't agree with the budget analyst just because of the nature of these
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projects. certainly i would expect that if the work just cost more than 33 million dollars we will be back here asking for additional authority at that time. >> thank you. now let's open up for public comment, is there anyone from the public that would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, is there a motion? >> i will move to support the budget analyst's recommendations and amendments and the underlying regulation. >> it's seconded by chair farrell. colleagues, can we do this without objection? thank you. >> mr. chair, i would like to request that the department provide the clerk's office with the amended legislation no later than tomorrow at 9:00 am. thank you. >> now we've already called item 21 and is emalina from oewd here? so i don't see that she is here. miss wong, please call item 22, the next item. >> item 22, resolution
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retroactively authorizing the office of economic work force develop. to accept and expend a grant in the amount of 60,000 from the humboldt state university sponsored program foundation for the period of october 1, 2014 through september 30, 2015. >> thank you and we have the director, mr. joaquin torrez >> before you is a resolution authorizing our office to retroactively accept and expend a grant in the amount of 60,000 from the humboldt state university sponsored foundation for the go biz capital infusion program for the period october 21st, 2014 to september 30, 2015. earlier we won a to host the spdec and local municipality match such as cdbg
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funds. this past september we responded to an rfp from the governor's office of business and economic development, known as go biz, this grant will be used to fund expert technical assistance consultants with a combined 46 years experience in commercial lending, credit management, loan brokering, microloan expertise and 504sba lending to perform the
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following services, business koupbsing, in the areas of capital access, credit worthiness, loan prepation and equity infusion. as a result of this grant an additional 923 consulting hours will be provided to 55 clients for capital infusion services. the cost of that counseling is about $65 per hour so we're looking at 15 hours per client. >> what a great name, go biz. >> absolutely. >> let's open this up to public comment. can we move this forward without objection? thank you. >> thank you. >> miss wong, we called item 21 and i believe emaline from oewd is here. >> good afternoon, in front of you today is a request to approve -- accept and expend for $980,000 from the novo work force board. we have a partnership of 3 investment boards, the novo work force board, the san mateo work force board and will serve about 200 san francisco residents who are long-term unemployed with a focus of getting them jobs in
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the technology sector. i'm happy to answer any questions you may have. >> i see no questions. thank you so much. let's open this up for public comment. anyone like to speak from the public? public comment is closed. can we move this forward without objection? >> so move ?ood ?oo miss wong, please call the next item. >> item 23, hearing to consider the review and approval of the board of supervisors annual budget guidelines.
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>> i'm the clerk of the board and don durand, the assessment appeals board as well. i am here today to just discuss the guidelines that the committee will provide me in my preparation and i put together the draft proposal of the board according to section 6.8 and 6.9 of the board rules. we will have a guideline hearing then i will provide a draft then the proposed submission to the mayor and the controller in february. before we begin i'd like to take the opportunity to publicly thank my staff for the work that goes behind the scenes. there's the seen and the unseen, it's when we are unseen it means we are doing a good job, when we're not in the paper. so thank you to my staff for their self-directed work. the first slide, if we have it up, will show the allocation of a 13.35 million budget for the kurpbltd year. it's a relatively small budget. it
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largely supports the department's work. it's 10.1 million in employee salaries and fringe, which is about 75 percent of the total budget. the next largest category is the non-personnel costs of nearly 2.9 million. these funds are primarily for the contract for budget and analyst services and to pay a portion of the costs associated with the development of the comprehensive annual financial report and the membership dues associated with the city's participation in various municipal advocacy organizations. the remaining amount has been budgeted for materials and supplies, our interdepartmental agreements and one time capital equipment and the backlog reduction project. the next slide shows the current year funding and how it is allocated amongst the various divisions in the department. you see from the pie chart that the board is the largest cost center with the department followed by the office of the clerk of the board, the contract for budget and legislative analyst services, the assessment appeals board, the xhuegt
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commission and lastly the sunshine task force. the budget has been fairly stable during my term here. the board has made reductions in the past as part of a city-wide effort to balance the budget. in general the budget is small but fairly stable. there are two ajustments in non-personnel adjustments i am recommending. these include 2,850 for education aids. there is a development fund from local 21 and this would help augment this investment. >> thank you, this is so great, i think. >> thank you, supervisor mar. the second, the board has increasingly used technology to support and enhance the core of the department's work. it allows us to have organizational efficiency and staff productivity. our intent is to connect people to government and facilitate their
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unfettered access to the data. supervisor farrell has introduced legislation recently. after polling your offices to determine what your specific needs are, part of a larger effort to do modernization and upgrading of our standard technology and operating equipment, one of the requests that we can fill immediately which will also reduce our carbon footprint be is to replace the multiple aging printers and fax machines and that is my second recommended adjustment of approximately 20,000 which would allow us to lease machines that would take the place of multiple copiers, printers, scaners and fax machines in your offices. from our initial review we see two other policy questions for
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the budget year. the first is a formal request for general appropriation to lafco by the director. lafco has not requested a general fund appropriation since 2011 and has instead used prior year carry over to support its operations. we are requesting approximately $148,000, which is half of their 3 47,000 maximum funding entitlement. lafco's executive director jason freed indicated he would be here to answer any questions if you had any on that subject. the second is an item from the legislative analyst for a cola increase to their 15-16 contract. the budget and legislative analyst submitted a new request for a 3.25 percent
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cola to their 15-16 contract effective october 1st, 2015. this cola would result in a approximately $50,000 increase to their 2,060,000 contract in 15-16, which would subsequently be annualized to 66,950. i foresee staffing increases which will require reductions in both our attrition and saving targets. and on the final slide, supervisors, we have listed these 4 specific budget and policy questions that we'd like the committee to act on in order to inform our development of the draft proposed budget. i'm interested in hearing what the committee wants to see in the department for next year.
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i would like to see modest training for professional development dollars for the aides and would also like to see our commitment to technology. we will appreciate guidance from the committee as well as on-going conversations in your offices over the next several weeks before i return in january. that concludes my presentation. >> thank you, madam clerk. so to be clear, you are asking for some guidance on these questions right now from committee members? >> that would be appropriate and i am also going to be meeting with individual supervisors in your offices over the next several weeks and will seek further guidance at that time. >> thank you. supervisor avalos. >> so all together if we were to approve all those different options it would be, what,
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$227,000? is that correct? >> i was going to say million, that's way too much. >> way too much. doing the calculations right now. $228,000. >> 228,000. is it possible -- if we were to, say, okay it for that we would have to request that much more money from the general fund? is that how it would work. >> that's correct. >> i'd like to think that we don't have to approve our budget, send it forward until february, so i'd like to keep these options open. i think they are really good recommendations. i know the lafco issue is one that has been, i didn't see the way we were doing our budgeting for lafco was going to be sustainable in the long run so coming back to receive general fund support for lafco is still important so i'd like to see if we can keep that moving as well. i know it's the largest, most expensive part we have. >> thank you, supervisor avalos. >> supervisor mar. >> i appreciate the thoroughness of the report. it gives us an understanding of
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all the different pieces. i like the technology, the sharing of new technologies and getting rid of the really outdated machines and sharing more of the administration equipment. i really appreciate the staff and professional development support for all of our aides and since that, improving -- acknowledging them but also allowing them to have opportunities to improve their professional skills as well. i think that's really great and i'm supportive of the general fund allocation of the lafco position. i think jason freed has been doing a great job and there's much to be done within the lafco work and i think it's money well spent as well, so i'm very supportive of this. >> thank you, supervisor mar. >> thank you. and from my perspective, madam clerk, i will be supportive of
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continuing these discussions on all these items right now. i think we have a few months to flesh these out but i want to thank you for bringing them forward as usual in your so professional and up front presentation and thank you for doing this day. >> supervisor avalos. >> just want
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>> good afternoon and welcome to a special meeting of thursday, december 4th, of the board of supervisors. neighborhood services and safety committee, my name is david campos and i am the chair and we are joined by committee vice chair, supervisor eric mar and we want to thank the clerk of the committee, derek evans as well as the following members of sfgtv staff, who are covering this meeting, jennifer low and jessy larson, with that, mr. clerk, do we have any announcements? >> thank you, mr. chair, make sure to silence all cell phones and electronic device and completed speaker cards to be included in the file should be submitted by the clerk, items


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